Business & Finanical Services


We take a uniquely analytical and financially driven approach to all of our consulting services. Our financial review and consulting service draws upon a deep and thorough understanding of the cost/revenue drivers, industry metrics, and best practices unique to the spa industry. Following a thorough review of your historical financials, we will identify critical opportunities to control costs and drive additional profit margin. All recommendations are based on Spa Strategy intelligence gained from our extensive (and confidential) library of historical data from spas throughout the world.

WE REDEFINE SPA by analyzing the data and creating detailed recommendations. Ask about annual, semi-annual or quarterly packages - if we don't have just the right package, we will create one specifically for you.


Improve the operational and financial performance of your spa with an independent and objective assessment from our expert team. This comprehensive analysis of your spa operation will be conducted on site over a two- day period resulting in a concise and actionable list of observations and recommendations designed for immediate implementation and success. The assessment covers all facets of the operation and includes a mystery shop evaluation.

WE REDEFINE SPA with clearly outlined observations and recommendations from the experts designed to immediately impact operational efficiencies, whilst driving sales and guest loyalty.

“Within 6 months of hiring you and your firm, our payroll costs were down to 50%, our revenues were up considerably, and our overall margin is now running at almost 30%. The overall result of this turnaround is that we now are realizing an additional $420,000 of profit annually from our spa operations, and this has happened within 12 months of bringing Spa Strategy on board. By our own internal estimations (yet to be realized), we believe that together, we have added over $4.5- $5.0 million of value to our investment, through the dramatic improvement in our spa operations alone .”

Neal Peskind, SVP, BetaWest, Ltd., Credit Suisse First Boston



  • Increased Profit Margins
  • Reduced Operational Costs
  • Improved Treatment Room Utilization
  • Increased Retail Sales