Market Research & Feasibility

Combining our expertise with an extensive database of industry information, SPA STRATEGY provides the most efficient and results-oriented spa development programs available. We approach each project-specific market research process with a full understanding of your project parameters and goals, while still providing a truly objective feasibility study.

We listen to our client’s needs and compile our data and recommendations in a clear, concise manner that is understandable, regardless of your familiarity with spa. We use the most sophisticated forecasting models and comprehensive research techniques to deliver applicable and practical insight.

WE REDEFINE SPA by using our extensive proprietary knowledge to find your competitive edge and develop profitable, operationally sound spa programs.


“No longer seen as an amenity, the spa has become an integral part of the hotel experience and an absolute necessity to a luxury property. Its role is multi-faceted. A spa can significantly enhance brand value, and is an important profit center in its own right, while simultaneously boosting profit levels in other operational areas.”

Luxury Alliance, The Direction of Luxury, Forrester Research




  • Increased Profit Margins
  • Reduced Operational Costs
  • Improved Treatment Room Utilization
  • Increased Retail Sales