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Improve the Performance and Capital Value of your Spa or Spa Portfolio. A must for Spa operators, owners and financiers.

SpaVi is a powerful financial model designed to assist:

  1. Operators - to improve the performance of their spas to increase revenues.
  2. Owners - to assess the value of their spas, to select operators, and to help configure the best format in new builds.
  3. Financiers - to assess the validity of spa lending or investment opportunities.

The model developed by Jonathon Wackett and Claire Way with the Spa Strategy team, can be applied at overview and many levels of granularity. Consequently, it can be used where information is relatively sparse, and can provide increasingly detailed solutions as further information is made available.

Initially, SpaStrategy benchmarks the spa's actual or projected performance in the four key areas of:

  1. Customer capture
  2. Sales effectiveness and efficiency
  3. Staff performance
  4. Property utilization

This process rapidly identifies both good performance as well as areas that require attention. The Spa Strategy team then offers practical solutions for improving the performance of the business in the key areas identified by the benchmarking. These offered solutions are modeled to develop outcome scenarios. This identifies how, if the offered solutions are implemented, the spa's performance will improve and how it will measure up against the benchmarks; and, it will show how implementation will enhance the capital value of the spa.

This powerful combination of benchmarking, scenario modeling and capital value assessment ensures that the offered solutions are both realistic and achievable.

Who should use this service and why?

Hotel Spa Operators: You should use this to improve the financial performance of your business. You should also use it so that you know what the hotel/spa owner will be looking at when he is assessing the value you create for him in operating the spa. Can you afford not to use this powerful tool?

Hotel/Spa Owners: You should use this to assess the value of your spa, and to assess proposals from potentially competing operators, it allows you to identify which operator will give you the best return and create the highest long term capital value.

Spa financiers: You should use this to help assess the viability of the projections you are being presented with. Not only does the model assess areas for improvement, and allow scenario building, also, its benchmarking component will tell you whether the projections are realistic and achievable.

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  • Full diagnostic analysis
  • Identified areas of improvement
  • Scenario Modeling for key impact
  • Relevant and achievable recommendation