Technical Services

Derived from revenue forecasts and service requirements, our comprehensive technical services ensure the optimal functionality and circulation of the spa facility. Beginning by evaluating the plans, we approach every project with a flexible and fresh approach in order to identify the most efficient and profitable use of space. Every decision is carefully considered because we understand that the layout of a spa and the choice of equipment directly affects the guest experience. Regardless of the challenges presented, we are able to create an operationally sound spa within the allocated space.

WE REDEFINE SPA by working synergistically, bringing together a team of experts to evaluate each plan from the perspective of operations, design, and feasibility.


“Spa Strategy played an integral part in the design process of a spa for one of our very important clients. Their technical expertise and hands-on collaboration during the development and planning of the overall space along with continued technical support throughout our design process will allow us to deliver a successful, functional design to our client. They are a highly professional team of experts whose input we value highly.”

Rebecca Stone, AIA, Principal, OZ Architecture





• Reduces Costly Design Mistakes
• Maximize Operational Efficiencies
• Prevents Overbuilding
• Reduces Design Development Time
• Competitive Equipment Specification
• Accelerates ROI