Brand Development

The ultimate showcase of our team’s talent, brand development, thrives on the extensive collaboration between every department. We provide all of the tools needed to efficiently rollout a comprehensive, scalable brand that developers understand and operators can execute. Whether you are looking for a synergistic brand extension or want to build an identity from the ground up, we are experts in every phase of the process; guiding brand development from start to finish.

WE REDEFINE SPA with a deeper understanding and global perspective that allows us to create something that has never been seen or experienced before.


“The spa industry is relatively young and immature regarding branding, with the major spa operators pushing for branded spa operations within multiple segments of the market. Success factors include clearly identifiable brands, scalability, consistency with hotel brand concept, and distribution.”

Elaine Fenard, Partner, Spa Strategy



• Enables Scalability
• Ensures Brand Consistency
• Reduces Development Costs
• Creates Consumer Loyalty
• Increase Brand Loyalty