Business Analysis

Successful spa facilities capitalise on opportunities for growth. Identifying the avenues that provide the best opportunity for short and long-term growth requires a deep understanding and creative thinking. Spa Strategy’s business analysis examines the value of the spa facility, looking at every opportunity for growth and suggesting relevant action.

SPA STRATEGY’s business analysis service:

  • provides relevant and achievable recommendations
  • identifies areas for growth using diagnostic analysis
  • identifies ways of optimising revenue based on a detailed financial review
  • presents areas for change based on scenario modelling
  • reviews financial and operational performance
  • builds on strengths and addresses weaknesses
  • if desired determines outsourcing alternatives
  • advises on strategic direction.

The Phoenician Spa,
The Phoenician a Luxury Collection Resort

Scenario Modelling Outcomes

When you are looking to expand or enhance your spa and wellness offering, or to gain a deeper understanding of the value and opportunity the spa facility represents within the hotel asset, Spa Strategy provides relevant and achievable recommendations.
Whether your business is an individual spa or a collection, we offer a menu of analysis services that will address your particular business needs.
Using scenario modelling, we explore the potential of each identified area of change to guide strategic investment or operational change for short- and long-term growth.
Change can be implemented by the in-house team or with our support.

So Spa, Sofitel St James

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