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Spa Strategy, Founded on Deeper Understanding

At Spa Strategy, we create wellness spas that realise your vision. Combining innovative concepts with a sustainable, operationally sound model and beautiful design, we ensure that your project delivers on profitability and guest satisfaction.

What makes us different

Our objective is to build value in your brand. We bring together our cross-functional teams comprising experts in the fields of feasibility, design and operations, and work collaboratively through each phase of project development, drawing on our respective skillsets as appropriate.
SPA STRATEGY clients select the combination of services that best suits their needs – large-scale or small, short-term or long. With no equipment or product line affiliation, we can also assure clients of our impartiality.
All this allows SPA STRATEGY to devise a perfectly tailored spa and wellness strategy, with just the right balance of creativity, objectivity and flexibility for enhanced ROI.

Huvafen Fushi

Veli Spa, Kurumba

Who we are

Founded in 2002 on a quest to find the sweet spot between innovation, luxury and profitability, SPA STRATEGY has since developed into one of the most sought-after international consultancies in its field.

Nurtured by industry visionaries Richard Dusseau and Elaine Fenard, the company’s success was founded on sound principles: building a deep understanding of client and guest, and always involving ‘the right people’. The core team they assembled works together to this day under the leadership of Claire Way: a consortium of talent committed to upholding a proud legacy.

A Consortium of Talent

We are co-workers and friends with a broad range of interests, talents and expertise. Our singular strengths combine to create a truly exceptional synergy, honed over more than a decade of working together. Influenced and inspired by each other, we are strong as individuals, but strongest as a team.

Contact us

For an initial discussion about your project please call +44 (0) 7969 686644 or use the contact form below: