Wellness Concept Development

The concept transforms a generic spa facility into an authentic wellness spa, with a persona. It is the unifying force behind the facility design, service, and menus that defines the overall guest experience. Creativity is the foundation for our concepts. Compelling identities, engaging environments and integrating wellness with the hotel to enhance the properties business model.

SPA STRATEGY’s wellness concept development service:

  • establishes the spa’s identity and story
  • details the 360-degree guest experience
  • identifies positioning and philosophy
  • is tailored to location and property
  • provides a framework for design and architecture
  • details the menu of services.

Zulal, Qatar

The Story

The face of a concept is its story. A story is not built outward in. One doesn’t start with the details and the moving parts. A story begins at the core, with the central philosophy and then evolves and grows, preferably honestly and organically. Each layer of the concept respects and enhances the original intention.

A wellness concept must be fluid and scalable. It is a foundation, not a receptacle. A quality concept has milestones and pathways, not parameters and boundaries. If enough care and honesty are woven into the initial development of the concept, the core philosophy will always shine through, no matter how many layers and changes are made throughout its evolution. Progression is best discerned from a clear and simple beginning.

Jasha Spa, JW Marriott Los Cabos Beach Resort & Spa

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